Monday, 10 September 2018

The Development of Boots

A boot is a specific kind of footwear that covers the ankle and foot, the lower leg or at times may extend up to the hip or knee. Boots are traditionally conjured up from leather and rubber albeit, but in the modern era, they can be made from different raw materials that can be available at the moment.

Most boots have a sole that is quite different from the rest of the heel even if the two emanate from the same piece. In the early days, boots consisted of soles and separate leggings which were worn together, so that they could provide ankle support and protection as compared to the sandals or shoes about mou eskimo.

These components were joined to form a single unit that would be responsible to cover the lower leg, feet and the up to the knee. The early 17 the century ushered the epoch where European military powers blended in boots as a permanent wear that their personnel had to put on.

They were made of thick soles and turn over tops that were originally created to protect the horse-mounted soldiers. Also in the same century, Hessian soldiers that were part and parcel in fighting the American revolutionary war, and they wore thigh high boots. 

These mou boots influenced the creation of the cowboy boots which were donned by the cattlemen in the American West. Also, the Alaska natives also played a role in the boot culture especially the Inuit and the Aleut people who came up with traditional winter boots of Caribou skin that had decor which consisted of seal intestine and dog hair.

There are several types of boots which are frankly influenced by the need that is at hand. There are sports boots which are used for sporting purposes like football boots or running boots etc. There are military boots which are usually knee above the ankle, tough black and made out of leather. These are used for purposes of military expeditions. 

Wedge boots are also another type of boots that are well popular in this era. They consist of a sole that is shaped as a wedge. This sort of design dates back to the ancient Greek culture. Chap boots are also another sort of boots that are mostly having an outer strap and cover the leg to the crotch. Here we see a trend that tends to show that boots are required for specific reasons.

The query of uses of boots is what lingers in most people's minds. The answer to this is that there are two uses exist for boots. They are either;
-Practical uses.
-Fashionable uses
-Practical use.

Boots can be used for a litany of purposes that are pivotal for the day to day life of the concerned party. For instance, boots that are designed for walking on snow muddy water, as well as shallow water, need to be stitched closed in such a manner those they will not let anything foreign sip in. 

Special boots have been made for the workers that work in the steel industry for the purpose of protection of the feet and calves. This serves them well especially as the probability of them stepping in molten metal or puddles of chemicals is high thus these boots help to protect them in such. Boots that are mainly made for practical use are worn together with socks so that they can enhance grip inside the boot or insulate the foot from the cold.

Boots have become an object of attraction that is either associated with fashion or trends that are dominant in that specific time. It makes them be a standard accessory that is needed for you to stay trendy, funky and likable to some extent. 

For instance, the early 1960’s were the era where women dived deep into the fad of wearing mou boots which were made popular by the musical gurus of then wearing them in their videos. This popularity, however, went on the downside as time progressed. 

Thigh high boots are making the resurgence in the modern day era as they are viewed as being trendy and the need to have the item in every woman's closet. Here the trend that boots assume is influenced by the time and fashion statement that is most dominant for the day.

In conclusion, it is of paramount importance to know that the boot culture is here to stay and thus we must create ways how we can adapt to make our footwear life easier. 

Also, the fact that boots are a major accessory in our everyday lives spells the fact that we need to take care of them well. Boots are a better form of footwear as compared to any other forms that are present out there as they offer protection and can also be fashionable at the same time.

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